Wind Deflector FAQ

1. Do wind deflectors really save fuel and increase gas mileage?
Absolutely!  Quite often we hear from our customers that they get 1 to 2 miles per gallon better than before.  Occasionally there are customers that see an improvement of 3 mpg.  In one case there was even an increase of 4 miles per gallon!

Read our Customer Testimonials to see proof that our wind deflectors really work.  Results may vary with lower quality copycat products out there, so be sure to get a top quality AeroShield wind deflector.

2. Do I have to drill any holes in my roof?
You don't have to drill any holes in your roof or modify your vehicle in any way. Your vehicle’s roof is protected because the wind deflectors stand on rubber suction cups. The compressed height of the suction cup is ~1", so the base of the deflector will sit about that much off of a flat roof.  

3. How does the wind deflector mount onto my vehicle?
The wind deflector is securely fastened to your roof with four nylon straps & vinyl coated hooks that attach between the door and roof. Watch the Installation Video to see how to install the AeroShield wind deflector.

4. Does this product work with a luggage/roof rack?
Yes, our wind deflectors work with luggage racks.  If the side rails of your luggage rack are not very tall then the normal installation will work fine on most vehicles.

If the side rails of your luggage rack are taller and you have enough space between the rails, then you can mount the WD500 series wind deflector between the rails.  You need at least 48 inches between your rails in order to mount either of  these wind deflectors directly on the roof.

On vehicles with the rails closer than 43 3/4 inches together, you can mount any of the wind deflectors with the base on top of the rails. Please Contact Us if you need any assistance.

5. Are wind deflectors effective for travel trailers as well as 5th wheel trailers?
Any trailer that is higher than the tow vehicle will benefit from a wind deflector.  This includes travel trailers, 5th wheels, toy haulers, cargo trailers, enclosed utility trailers, horse trailers, etc. The Customer Testimonials are from people who tow all kinds of trailers.

6. Where should I position the deflector and what angle should the shield be set at?
The closer the deflector is to the trailer, the more effective it will be.  Regardless of where the wind deflector is mounted, you should set the angle of the shield so that it is aimed at the top of the trailer.  You will notice less bugs on the front of your trailer if the angle is set properly.

7. Do you have different sizes?
Yes, we have 2 sizes to choose from. Below is a comparison of the sizes.

AeroShield Wind Deflector WD600 Series

  • Shield Size: 56" x 22"
  • Base Size: 43 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 2 1/2" High
  • Footing, width over cab: 38 1/2" max to 24 1/2" min
  • Footing, depth over cab: 14" max (inside foot settings) to 12 3/4" min (outside foot settings)
  • Suitable for: Full Size Tow Vehicles
  • Colors: Black (WD600)Polar White (WD610)

AeroShield Wind Deflector WD500 Series

  • Shield Size: 48" x 22"
  • Base Size: 43 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 2 1/2" High
  • Footing, width over cab: 38 1/2" max to 24 1/2" min
  • Footing, depth over cab: 14" max (inside foot settings) to 12 3/4" min (outside foot settings)
  • Suitable for: Intermediate Tow Vehicles
  • Colors: Black (WD500)Polar White (WD510)

* All Measurements are in inches.  The overall height when folded down is about 6 1/2 inches for both the WD600 & WD500 series.

8. How do I know which size I need?
The size you need depends on what kind of tow vehicle you have.  The WD600 series are for full-size tow vehicles and the WD500 series are for intermediate tow vehicles. If you are unsure of which size you need, please Contact Us.

9. Can I paint the shield to match my vehicle?
Yes, you can custom paint the WD600 & WD500 Series wind deflectors to match your vehicle.

10. My cab roof is ribbed - how does the deflector accommodate this?
The deflector base corners each have 6 positions in which you can install the suction cup feet. You want to have the wind deflector as low to the roof as possible without the wind deflector base contacting the roof. The selection of holes will allow you to position them so that the feet rest upon 'peaks' or 'valleys' - whichever works best for your truck roof. 

Center to center of each position: 38 1/2" > 35 3/4" > 33" > 30" > 27 1/4" > 24 1/5"

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us.

Not convinced that it really works? Don't take our word for it, view our Customer Testimonials.

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