Shower Pans

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Looking for showers for RVs? Your search starts and ends at ICON Direct! We offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality shower pans, including combo shower pans for showers that include a toilet. 


High-quality shower pans are critical components of any RV, keeping the water from your shower from spreading to the rest of your bathroom. With the limited space you’ll find in an RV bathroom, cleaning up the mess would be frustrating, and it would likely damage your flooring. A durable, well-built shower pan provides a boundary between your shower and the rest of your bathroom—and you don’t have to create a wall that takes up extra space. 


An RV shower pan from ICON Direct is the perfect shower solution for RVs. Our durable, resilient shower pans provide a solid bottom for the shower without taking up the space of a tub—it’s a space-saving choice that’s also attractive for your bathroom. They provide a clean boundary for the shower, helping the rest of the space stay clean, too. 


Some of the key features of our shower pans include:


- Combo shower pan options for showers that include a toilet.

- Durable ABS plastic construction with reinforced bottoms for extra durability.

- Stepped designs that allow for the installation of a holding tank directly under the toilet.

- Each pan features a drain that’s already molded into the pan, ready to be drilled.


ICON Direct’s shower pans also feature a lightly textured surface that provides slip-resistance. You don’t want to get an injury while you’re relaxing in your RV, so be sure to consider the safety of your shower. A shower is a feature in your RV that provides relaxation and comfort, not injury. Our masterfully designed shower pans with light texturing helps you enjoy your lavatory safely and comfortably.


Easy installation


The shower pans—and all the other RV upgrades you’ll find at ICON Direct—are easy to install. Many showers for RVs  can be installed as a DIY project, so it’s never been easier to update your coach.


Upgrade your RV bathroom with a new shower pan


If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive way to upgrade your RV bathroom—or if you’ve got a leaky, cracked shower pan that needs to be replaced immediately, look no further than ICON Direct. We stock a wide range of RV shower pans that meet every need. Need help finding the right shower pan for your RV bathroom? Reach out to the helpful staff at ICON Direct today—we’re ready to answer your questions!