AeroShield Wind Deflector

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The aerodynamic design of the AeroShield Wind Deflector ensures smoother handling - as it reduces overall wind resistance, and practically eliminates turbulent winds trapped in the truck box. Enjoy better fuel economy, and decrease wear on your vehicle.

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AeroShield Wind Deflectors ~ Engineered for todays tow vehicles...

The AeroShield's aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and practically eliminates turbulent winds trapped between the tow vehicle and the fifth wheel or trailer, ensuring smoother handling and improved performance. The Aeroshield can be adjusted to virtually any angle allowing maximum aerodynamic efficiency and easily folds down when not in use. Ships completely assembled (includes mounting hooks #2,#6,#8 & #9) ready for installation.

  • Requires no drilling or modifications to the vehicle
  • Fits most vehicles (see application guide).
  • Up to 3mpg better fuel mileage.
  • Improved stability and handling.
  • Eliminates bugs on the trailer.

Order the WD600 model, 56 x 22 shield, for Full size tow vehicles

  • 01217 ~ Black WD600
  • 01508 ~ White WD600

Order the WD500 model, 48 x 22 shield, for Mid size tow vehicles

  • 01216 ~ Black WD500
  • 01546 ~ White WD500

Simplicity. Convenience and real results... Experience the difference!

Reviews (35)

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  • 5
    Aero shield wind deflector.

    I wish I had one of these 15 years ago. Really can not tell yet if MPG is better but pretty sure it is better. The best thing is the big difference in the handling of 2012 F-250 crew cab long bed truck. With the Areo wing in place the truck and trailer are cutting the wind together. Truck no longer has side to side sway. Easy to drive with one hand(not recommended), I will say it paid for it self one the first run I made, just piece of mind on the better handling of the F-250. Quality made.

    Written by Michael Scott Moskop on 14th Apr 2024

  • 4
    Aeroshield wind deflector

    I just installed it. I hope it lasts a long time.

    Written by Ralph B. Munoz on 15th Mar 2024

  • 4
    Aeroshield wind deflector

    I've used it six times now and haven't seen a change in gas mileage. If so, it's been very minimal. Customer service was helpful when I was missing a part.
    It's getting easier to install but it's really easy to remove when not needed.

    Written by Matt Schmidt on 19th Oct 2023

  • 5
    Aeroshield Wind Deflector

    Greatly improved my mpg while towing and made towing my trailer with my small suv feel like I wasn’t towing at all! Best money I spent after buying my trailer!

    Written by Worked Amazing on 20th Jul 2023

  • 5
    The aero deflector

    Love this system. Low profile, easy installation.
    We put a tube of pipe insulation along the front, the noise is greatly diminished.

    Written by Crawfords on 2nd May 2023

  • 5
    Aeroshield Wind Deflector

    Installed on roof of cap cover on midsize pickup truck. Adapted so tiedown straps are secured thru the windows in the cap cover. Feel very good regarding the way it is secured thru the tops of the windows on either side. Adapted to my situation easily. I'm leaving on the cap cover on permanently. I am more concerned about having the face of the towed trailer protected than fuel mileage.

    Written by Rawson C Jenkins II on 13th Oct 2021

  • 5
    Well worth the investment

    A few years ago we bought one of your wind deflectors. I think it was around 2009. My wife and I have been using that for trips since. We observe what we estimate to be about 20% improvement in fuel economy (from 10.8 to 12.7 MPG). A typical year is to travel about 7 thousand miles going from Florida to Maine and from North Carolina to Colorado. We mount the deflector when we start out and leave it attached for several months while we travel. When we don't have the 5th wheel trailer attached we fold the deflector down. This has proven to be a very durable unit that has more than paid for itself in savings on fuel. An added benefit is that we don't get a lot of insect splatter on the camper because the wind deflects them over the front along with the wind.

    Written by Anonymous on 25th Sep 2017

  • 5
    Nice product to date.

    Light weight and easy to install. Too early to tell if it increases gas mileage as I haven 't had it out on the freeway for a distance yet.

    Appearance is good. The only downside is that when it was left on without a 5th wheel trailer in tow, and put in a down or flat position, it is noisy. Not recommended to use when not towing.

    Written by Wayne on 24th May 2015

  • 5
    carn't belive more people aren't using these .

    Saw this product online and thought , YES!!! I need one for pulling my Trl , I drive truck for a living and have often wonder why people who pull trl's don't have a wind deflector like the big trucks ! People at icon were very helpful with the ordering process ,
    I haven't done a long trip with it yet , but have done a trial run just local 20klm's without it up and then the same route with the deflector up ! The on board computer in the truck told me I used 5 ltrs less per 100klm's when the areo shield was up , so hoping that continues as we are doing a west to east coast trip (canada) later on this year , thanks Icondirect Chris H

    Written by chris hudspith on 30th Mar 2015