Here's what our customers are saying about the AeroShield Wind Deflector:

Installed your product and worked as advertised. Gained approximately 2mpg!! Will pay for itself next week on trip to Galveston.

Wayne Perkins, RVer

I am getting 3 miles per gallon more than I did before. I am towing a 27-foot travel trailer and with the WD600 AeroShield wind deflector I can now coast through the wind. This puts less strain on my truck. I really like your product! 

Anonymous, RVer

I am very pleased to tell you that the deflector I have been testing is working great. My gas mileage improved and I have seen an increase of 2-3 more miles per a gallon average while pulling my camper, depending on terrain and speed. With my 26-gallon tank on my truck, that is an extra 50-75 miles per tank, which I think is great. Thanks again for the opportunity and if there is anything else I might be able to field test please let me know.

 Doug Carter, Outdoorsman

I purchased a wind deflector from you last summer. It worked very well, improving my gas mileage by 20%. Unfortunately we experienced a roll-over when pulling the trailer to Montana in November for a hunting trip. My Expedition and trailer were totaled. But the wind deflector wasn't hurt except for the straps were jammed in the driver's side doors. We had to crawl out through a passenger side window. I cut the straps on the drivers side and left the hooks. I since bought a new F350 and a 5th wheel. You have a really durable product. I don't think you can put the deflector through anything tougher.

 Chris Flemming of Otsego, MN

I am towing a 22 foot Pace American enclosed trailer, a race car, and all my race gear. My tow vehicle is a 1995 Chevrolet one ton van (6.3 Diesel). I went from 8.24 mpg to 10.26 mpg, a 24.5% increase in fuel mileage. My van 'feels' like it is not working as hard as before I installed your wind deflector. Wind was coming over the van and then down against the trailer. The deflector helps send wind over the trailer. I am very satisfied. Thanks. 

Bill Dentinger, Race Car Driver

I am thrilled with the deflector. It gained me 2 mpg in fuel mileage and hauling campers all over the US will save me more money.

Don Jensen, Professional RV Hauler

Works great! Saves gas and quiets wind noise. Really shines when running into the dreaded head winds. An added bonus, no bugs on the front of the trailer. Can pay for itself on one long trip. Would not tow without it. 

Dan from Lake Ariel, PA

Before my cube van was all over the road when I passed oncoming semi-trucks. After installing a wind deflectorI hardly notice them go by. Its saving me fuel and saving my nerves! 

Rob Kehler, Our local UPS Driver

Planning a trip to the LA area from Boise ID we decided to see if this helped. We have an older 5th Wheel, a 1999 Hitchhiker. The front is more flat than most newer models. It worked great. I did not get the 30% increase in gas mileage, more like 17 to 18%. But to be fair we did pull a lot of hills in Utah, NV and CA. The trip was over 2500 miles so we were able to test it well. Personally I feel their claims are in ideal conditions, no wind, and a long flat road. The thing I was most impressed by was the stability, no more pulling and tugging. It also worked great in some strong cross winds. The price was very good and I would highly recommend this if you are in the market to buy one. 

Larry Vander Meer from Parma, ID

We would like to thank you for your kind help in suggesting one of your adjustable wind deflectors when we were searching to improve mileage when pulling our 21 foot R Vision Trail Lite travel trailer with our 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, with 3.8 liter V6 engine and factory installed trailer towing package. Last April, we returned from South Padre Island, Texas to our home in Terrebonne and during our 4100 kilometer drive, we average 19.0 liter/100 Km (15 miles/imp gal.). Before we installed the wind deflector, our gas consumption with the trailer was 24.0 liter/100 Km (12 miles/imp gal.), so the wind deflector was the right one to purchase as we realized a 25% improvement in gas mileage with it. This compares very favourably to our normal gas mileage, when we are not pulling the trailer, of around 14.5 to 15.0 liters/100 Km (approx. 19.5 miles/imp gal.), city and highway driving combined. We are very satisfied with our purchase of the wind deflector which does a great job of improving our gas mileage by eliminating turbulence in front of and over our trailer, at the same time getting rid of a rocking fore and aft motion which afflicted our rig before we installed the deflector. On top of the great gas mileage, we are also getting a much smoother ride which makes all of our trips with our trailer a lot more enjoyable than before.

Geraldo Montemiglio and Yolande Dumas from Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

Great item. Picked up 2 miles per gallon. At almost $3.50 a gallon it helps.

Anthony Nuckolls from Tehachapi, California

I just installed mine and I was worried about my ribbed roof, but my Aeroshield has five different adjustment holes for each of the suction cups that allow it to fit perfectly. I like the fact that the angle is adjustable, unlike the more expensive fixed aluminum ones. You just need to keep raising it one click at a time until the bugs quit hitting your 5th wheel. If it is adjusted too high, it defeats the purpose of the deflector.

A Satisfied Customer from Jacksonville, North Carolina

We like the style and collapsability of this product.

Bill Keller from Sarver, PA

Thanks for the wind deflector. You got it to me before I left for my vacation, and I thank you for that. BUT the most important thing is that your deflector really works. My last test of pulling my trailer, from Lesser Slave Lake to Edmonton, I got 10.5. mpg, traveling at 110Km/h. With your air deflector, and over 2,200 km going to Penticton and back, I got 11.5 mpg. You have to take into consideration that going to Penticton meant traveling through the mountains and Rogers Pass, which should have taken more gas, not less. Last year I did the same trip, and going up the big hill out of Golden, could only muster between 70 and 80 Km/h, with the engine revving at 4,000 to 4,500 rpm. This year I was flying up the hill at between 90 and 110 Km/h and in high gear - no downshifting. I just pulled it up like a charm at 3,000 rpm. The other amazing thing is that pulling the trailer on the flats allowed me to travel at 110 Km/h to 120 Km/h with no problem at all. So, am I sold - you bet. I'll be your greatest spokesperson. The other thing is that before the deflector, my trailer used to act as an air brake and slow me down by just taking my foot off the accelerator pedal - now the truck and trailer just coast along like there's nothing behind me. And speaking of nothing behind me, when towing the trailer, it doesn't feel like there's anything behind you, especially when going into the wind. And, I didn't even mention that there were hardly any bugs to clean after those 2,200 km's. Awesome! So George, where do I buy shares in this company? 

Gordon Lopatka, Avid RVer

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