Holding Tank Adhesive 1 lb Black

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Holding Tank Adhesive 1 lb Black

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Use our Pulverized ABS Polymers to make a strong adhesive for gluing all your fittings to your holding tank. They can also be used to repair minor cracks in your existing holding tank.

Blend 1 to 2 parts Pulverized ABS Polymers with 1 part Acetone. Adjust for desired consistency.

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  • 5
    ABS Flake

    Get product to use for abs repairs: e.g. black water tank and vent pipe. Easy to use product. IME, product is not workable after drying out. Returning customer.

    Written by RLager on 26th Dec 2022

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    ABS tank repair review

    Works perfect. Just put 1to1 ratio in a glass jar put a lid on it 24hrs later stir and let sit or add more acetone and let sit a little longer to your liking then when it's at your liking acetone in the part to be placed on and spread like magic let sit for 24 hours Line-X coat works great

    Written by Unknown on 4th Sep 2020

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    This adhesive works great once you figure out how to mix it! I found it works best to mix the pellets 1:1 with acetone and the bigger the batch the better it works. Ikon suggests that the mixture should be ready in an hour but I found it takes 8 hours and overnight works even better. I did put on a 2nd coat successfully to give it a really thick seal.It saved buying a whole new holding tank.

    Written by Tom Switser on 3rd Aug 2020

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    Tank repair kit

    This product worked. We had a 3000 gallon holding tank that developed a small crack on the bottom corner, in a tricky area to fix. After trying several other options, we kinda gave up, but luckily stumbled on this product a year later. I did several coats, and its holding solid. I hope it works as good for you as it did for us. Thx

    Written by TODD A VAUGHT on 26th Apr 2020

  • 5
    hubby's new fave glue

    It worked great after I researched how to mix and use it.

    Written by jennifer on 24th Jul 2018

  • 5
    Good Stuff out of this world glue

    It works Great, down side, no instruction with product, best to use a quart paint can with a lid on it, so you can keep mix from drying as you mix it, it makes glue in about 24 hours. did find some clue of how much to use on the icon website. but the stuff is really gooey glue. so use gloves. 5 star product. it will glue almost any type of plastic tank or Pvc plastic. let glue set 24 to 48 hours before use.

    Written by kevin hearin on 9th Jun 2015

  • 4
    Great for my Holding Tank repair

    Mixed well with MEK from Lowes and made a professional repair to my black water holding tank and fittings with more substance than simple ABS glue. Took a few days to dry and become solid.

    Written by Anonymous on 1st Jun 2015

  • 5
    Great stuff, but plan ahead!

    I got this stuff to fix a bad crack in the wastewater tank of a 2012 travel trailer we just bought. I had everything prepared and ready to go, but didn't realize this stuff takes a while to make glue. I was very fortunate - within 24 hours it was apparent I had mixed just the right consistency to get pancake batter like glue. I put in on the cleaned crack, put some already pre-cut fiberglass cloth over it and another coat, and it is amazing how quick it set up and became a part of my tank. Leak tested it the next day, and nary a drop. Icon Direct were great folks to deal with, got me the product quickly, and I would buy from them again.

    Written by Frank on 16th Nov 2014

  • 5
    Saved $$$$

    Worked great, saved $ from costly replacement. A good pair of rubber gloves is a must.

    Written by Tom on 24th Oct 2012