Panel Skirting (J-Wrap)

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Enhance your Glendale Titanium RV's side panels with our durable ABS plastic "J-Wrap" panel skirting. Easily attachable sections with included hook and loop joiners ensure a seamless, polished look. Get J-Wrap Panel Skirting from our online shop.

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Picture shows original panel installed.

52" x 17" x 3" wrap under - Side Panel "J-Wrap". Constructed of durable high-impact ABS Plastic. Suitable replacement for the side panels of Glendale Titanium units.

The panel has a "J" curve to it and comes in 52" sections, 48" of viewable panel & a 2" joining flange on either side. Included is Hook & Loop joiners (x4 per panel) to attach together as many panels as needed. The flange on the connecting edge needs to be trimmed off to overlap the flange when installing. This allows for a flush surface, with a seam that can then be left alone, or filled with caulking to further finish the look.  

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    Some modifications required

    This came in a timely fashion, and the packaging was excellent and came in perfect condition.

    My OEM is a aluminum skirt, with a true "J" bottom edge. This product is not a "true J", rather, a curved "L". Additionally, each end is a recessed edge so you'll have to cut either the left or right edge depending which side of the trailer you're doing the replacement on. I've had to notch the top 2 7/8" of each recessed edge in order to make this replacement match the aluminum skirt. (I'm doing this because the two pieces weren't long enough for my situation) I plan on using the scrap leftovers to provide extra attaching to the aluminum skirt.

    Overall I'm mildly pleased with this product. It's made of a very tough material.

    Written by Ken Noorlander on 7th Jul 2017

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    With modifications did the job

    This panal is very similar to the origional. I was able to cut it to my specifications with a jig saw and fine tooth blade. I placed 3M blue painters tape on to cut my line, when I removed the tape it pulled off some of the paint. My origional skirts were not painted, they were colored plastic. Overall I was happy to find this product and make repairs caused from a tire blowout. I am very pleased overall with the repair. I replaced the fender over the dual tires and the skirting. The shipping process was fast and packing was excellent.

    Written by Marty on 1st Apr 2013

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    Perfect match

    Although the hook and loop fasteners were missing from my order, I was able to find quick setting plastics contact cement to do the job. I found the panel very easy to work with - somewhat lighter and more flexible than the original. I had to cut off the damaged portion of my panel, then used the new panel to slide into place. End result is a professional looking job. Best part was the exact color match, so I did not have to repaint the old and new sections. Well worth the money.

    Written by Paul From Ottawa on 30th Jul 2012