New Fender Skirts

8th Dec 2010

3 older style fender skirts are making their way into our store today!


IconDirect is pleased to announce the completion of development on models FS725, FS786 & FS787. All of these are all for mid to late 90's units that are often harder to find.

Expanding on our already large selection of Fleetwood Fender Skirts is the FS725 for Prowlers and other Fleetwood units. FS786 is a KZ Fender Skirt that comes in white or taupe. Lastly, the FS787 is for a Gulfstream. 

Here are links to the new fender skirts in the store:

Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirts FS725

KZ 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirts FS786

Gulfstream 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirts FS787

We also have a few more tandem fenders in the works (teaser: Another Glendale Titanium fender is one of them) - We will keep you posted when those get up.