Excel Tandem Fender Skirt FS2291

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Tandem axle RV fender skirt. Constructed of durable high-impact ABS plastic. Fits various Excel brands including: Winslow.

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Polar White
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67 7/8" x 13 1/2" - Tandem axle fender skirts. Constructed of durable high-impact ABS plastic. This replacement fender skirt is textured.

Fits various Excel (by Peterson Industries) brands including: Winslow.

Measurements Corresponding to our Measurement Form:

A: 48 3/8" (from hole to hole, as shown in diagram)

B: 9 5/8"

C: 13 1/2"

D: 3 1/4"

E: 6"

F: 67 7/8"

Check your measurements and compare them to the drawing above to verify fit for your RV.