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Aftermarket Coleman-Mach shroud fits many Mach and Roughneck series Air Conditioners. Attaches with the original hardware (not included). Overall Dimensions: 42" x 30" x 12 3/4".

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Polar White

This replacement air conditioner shroud fits many of the Coleman Mach series air conditioners. Attaches from the top with the original 4 mounting bolts. Overall product dimension is 42" x 30" x 12.75" high. The hole to hole dimension on the top is 20.85" lengthwise and 17.75" for the width.


Polar White in colour but also available in Black.

  • Made with indestructable polymer materials
  • Installs in minutes (using original bolt holes)
  • This is the last shroud you will ever buy!

The shroud fits these air conditioners the best:

  • 8332 Series Mach 1
  • 8333A Series Mach 3 Plus Air Conditioner
  • 8333B Series Mach 3 Plus
  • 8333C Mach 3 Plus
  • 8335 Series Mach 15 Air Conditioner
  • 8335C Mach 15
  • 8373 Series Air Conditioner
  • 8473 Series Roughneck International Air Conditioner
  • 8473 Roughneck International Series with R-407C
  • 8433 Series Mach 3 Plus Roughneck
  • 8533 Series Sea Mach Air Conditioner
  • 8534 P.S. Heat Pump Series
  • 8535 Series Heat Pump
  • 8632 Series Mach 1 P.S.
  • 8633 Series Mach 3 Power Saver Air Conditioner

The shroud fits the following air conditioners, but they are taller so there may be a gap between the bottom of the shroud and the roof of your RV:

  • 8333D Series Mach 3 Plus
  • 8335D Series Mach 15
  • 8433 "D" Series Mach 3 Plus Roughneck
  • 8533 "D" Series Sea Mach Air Conditioner
  • 8534 "D" P.S. Heat Pump Series
  • 8535 "D" Series Heat Pump
  • 8632 "D" Series Mach 1 P.S.
  • 8633 "D" Series Mach 3 P.S.

The fit will vary for other air conditioners. To ensure that this shroud will fit, please measure the distance from the roof of your RV to the top of your air conditioner. Once you have this measurement compare it to the height of this shroud which is 12.75 inches. If the height of your air conditioner is about 12.75 inches then this shroud should fit perfectly. If your air conditioner is taller than 12.75 inches then the shroud will still fit, but the bottom of the shroud might not sit flush on your roof.

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  • 5
    Great product & service

    found Icon Technologies on the 'net and was very pleased to be able to deal with a Canadian supplier. The Coleman A/C cover was a bit taller than my Mini Mach unit, but that was fully disclosed on their website info. I simply extended the mounting studs about 2 inches and it worked just fine. It now seals against the camper roof and will create less wind resistance than the original one. Placing the order was a very pleasant experience and the unit arrived very quickly in good condition. I am very pleased with Icon and will recommend them to my camping friends.

    (Originally posted "Tuesday, March 02, 2010 11:29:08 AM" on a previous version of

    Written by Vic Porcher on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    A/C Shroud

    Very pleased with the value - the new shroud was priced right, delivered promptly and fits perfectly. I am a happy customer. Thanks!

    (Originally posted "Wednesday, April 07, 2010 2:55:54 PM" on a previous version of

    Written by Greg Harrison on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    Coleman AC shroud

    Last hail storm I lost my shroud to those pesky ice balls. After scouring the Inet, I found Icon and they were just great in helping me choose the correct shroud. It fit great, looks good and seems to wear like iron. thanks.

    (Originally posted "Wednesday, April 07, 2010 8:25:45 PM" on a previous version of

    Written by Brent Ginther on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    A/C Shroud

    Easy fit, looks great.

    (Originally posted "Wednesday, April 07, 2010 11:29:37 PM" on a previous version of

    Written by Jessie Turner on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    Spring Itch Inspection

    Finally another season for RVing. It has been eight months since I installed my Icon AC shroud on a Coleman AC unit and spring preinspection shows that this unit is still like new. Also reminding me of the perfect fit when I installed it and the low cost even beating out a used unit at the auto recyclers. I just forwarded your website to a buddy of mine who just purchased a Class A motorhome after telling him about your products. Keep up the good work Icon. P.S. My Icon Wheel Covers also met and exceeded my expectations over winter..

    (Originally posted "Thursday, April 08, 2010 12:04:27 PM" on a previous version of

    Written by Brian Mochoruk on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    I saved money and did it myself

    I purchased a shroud, all I did was measure the screw hole distance apart and the brand, called and they matched the product and confirmed the distance so I knew it would fit, and BAM with a cordless drill put it on myself and saved over $70.00 not counting the labor. I recommend this company to anyone who owns a RV.

    (Originally posted "April 08, 2010 3:36:39 PM" on a previous version of

    Written by Tom Kuhn on 31st Aug 2010

  • 5
    This AC Shroud saved the day!

    I just came back from a trip across the Arizona desert with my old jalopy of an RV, and I have tell you guys, if it weren't for this Icon AC shroud I just ordered before my trip, I would have died in the desert with the rattle snakes and tumbleweed. Excellent product! Thank you.

    Written by Jeb Clampet on 26th Aug 2010