What are the Different Types of RV Sinks Available?

12th Jun 2024

Series 1, Episode 9

Recreational vehicles – better known as RVs – offer a unique way to explore the world, while bringing the comforts of home along for the ride. Among the essential features of any RV is the sink, serving as a central hub for various tasks in the kitchen, bathroom, and utility areas. From washing dishes and preparing meals to personal hygiene and cleaning tasks, RV sinks serve multiple purposes throughout the day. As such, choosing the best sinks for RV travels and optimizing their design is vital for maximizing the available space and efficiency in an RV interior.

Types of Sinks for RV Life

RV sinks come in various types, each tailored to specific needs and space constraints within recreational vehicles. Among the most common types are kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and outdoor sinks, each serving different purposes in the RV layout.

1. Kitchen Sinks:

  • Food Preparation: Kitchen sinks for RVs play a crucial role in food preparation tasks such as washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning utensils, and rinsing dishes before and after meals.
  • Cleaning: These sinks serve as a central hub for cleaning activities, including washing dishes, pots, and pans, as well as wiping down countertops and surfaces.
  • Utility Sink: In some cases, kitchen sinks for RV life may double as utility sinks for tasks such as handwashing clothes, cleaning small items, or filling buckets with water for various purposes.

2. Bathroom Sinks:

  • Personal Hygiene: Bathroom sinks are primarily used for personal hygiene tasks such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and grooming.
  • Space Optimization: Due to limited space in most RV bathrooms, bathroom sinks are typically compact and designed to fit within small countertops or vanity areas, while still providing sufficient functionality.
  • Multi-Purpose: Bathroom sinks may also serve as a secondary location for tasks such as filling water glasses, rinsing out small clothing items, or cleaning personal items.

3. Outdoor Sinks:

  • Outdoor Cooking: Outdoor sinks are often found in RVs equipped for outdoor cooking or grilling. They provide a convenient location for washing hands, cleaning cooking utensils, and preparing ingredients while enjoying the outdoor scenery.
  • Cleaning: Outdoor sinks are useful for cleaning outdoor gear – such as hiking boots or fishing equipment – before bringing them back into the RV.
  • Convenience: Having an outdoor sink allows RV owners to enjoy cooking and dining al fresco, without the need to constantly move back and forth between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sinks for RV travel are commonly made from durable and lightweight materials such as stainless steel, composite materials, or high-grade plastics. These materials offer advantages such as corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and lightweight design, making them ideal for the unique demands of RV living and travel.

Water Conservation and Plumbing

Water conservation is important for RV owners, due to the limited freshwater supply available on board. Sinks for RV living are connected to the vehicle's water supply and drainage systems, with features such as low-flow faucets and aerators to reduce water consumption. Maintaining water quality and safety is essential for ensuring a healthy living environment in an RV. Installing water filtration systems or using certified drinking water hoses can help mitigate potential contaminants and ensure a safe supply of water for drinking and cooking purposes.

The Best Sinks for RVs

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