Vent Covers for RV

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Proper ventilation and air circulation is critical to enjoying your RV to the fullest. While vent covers are simple and practical in use, they serve an important purpose—they let you control the amount of air that exits your living space, all while decreasing condensation around the vent area.


High-quality vent covers for your RV are essential for promoting consistent air circulation. The vent covers at ICON Direct make air circulation easy, all without sacrificing style. Here’s an introduction to selecting premium vent covers, so you can choose the right one for your rig:


RV Roof Vent Cover


Featuring an aerodynamic shape and providing twice as much vent area--while still mounting in the same holes as most original vent covers—the newest RV roof vent covers set the standard of quality for RV ventilation. Thanks to innovative design with side louvers, these vent covers provide the most cross ventilation of any option on the market. 


You can say goodbye to stale, musty or other unwanted odors while keeping the elements, including rain, out. Most fit 14” x 14” standard roof vents and include hinged hardware for easy opening and cleaning. At ICON, we know that you want your vent covers built to last. Look for those with a one-piece, sleek aerodynamic design made from high-density polyethylene with top-tier UV protection to ensure maximum durability and longevity. 


High Powered Ceiling Fan


With high-powered ceiling fans you’ll have no trouble maintaining a comfortable indoor climate in your RV. With convenient controls at the ceiling, it’s easy to turn the fan off or on. Many fans even operate when the lid is closed, circulating air inside your rig.


Products like the MaxxFan Plus fit any standard 14” x 14” roof opening and features a 10-speed intake and exhaust fan and are made to last. With a dark smoke tint lid, the fan can seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of your rig for a universal look.


Why choose high quality products?


When it comes to RV vent covers and roof fans, choosing the right product is extremely important. They should deliver quiet, reliable operation all at a great price. They should also be backed by exceptional customer service, so you can count on these products serving you for years to come—it’s an upgrade you won’t regret. Here’s why you should invest in a high-quality roof vent.


Removes stale air. Hot, stale air accumulates quickly in a camper or trailer. Without proper ventilation, after spending a day away from your RV in the outdoors, you won’t be able to escape the heavy, hot air. A vent cover and—better yet—a vent fan is the perfect way to keep the air in your RV moving, providing an escape route for stale air and bad smells.


Creates a cooling effect. While parking in the shade and covering windows can keep your RV cool in the summer, a high-quality vent cover— combined with a vent fan—is the best way to cool down a hot RV. 


Dries out moisture. Whether you’re sheltering in your coach during a rainstorm or hanging up swimsuits after a day at the lake, you’re bound to deal with water while enjoying your RV. All the moisture can quickly turn a tiny camper bathroom into a hot, humid, and sticky situation. High-quality vent covers and vent fans quickly and easily send moisture up and out through the roof, keeping the indoor air quality of your RV from getting too muggy. 


Promote exceptional indoor air quality in your RV


Vent covers are a critical RV accessory. They’re useful in so many situations, making the RV life even sweeter than it is already. Want to find the best option for your rig? Reach out to ICON Direct today—we’re ready to answer your questions!