RV Basics: Types of RV Showers

20th Feb 2023

Whether it's a short weekend getaway or an extended stay, having access to a quality shower can make the difference between an uncomfortable trip and an enjoyable one. But how do you choose the right showers for RVs? Today we will look at three of the most common showers for RVs, along with their attributes.

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers are the most common type of shower for RVs. They are typically attached to the wall with a hose and offer great flexibility for washing yourself or cleaning up after an outdoor adventure. The handheld design allows you to adjust the spray angle and height, making them ideal for campers of all heights.

The handheld shower can be an added feature of a wet or dry bath – which are also types of showers for RVs. The dry bath is found in larger campers. It is a contained shower area. The wet bath sits openly in the bathroom area, which is completely waterproof. Similar to what you would find in a small cruise ship cabin, the entire bathroom is the shower.

Corner Showers

Corner showers are becoming increasingly popular in RVs due to their space-saving design and ease of installation. These are found in dry baths. These showers feature either an enclosed stall with a sliding door or just a single panel that wraps around from wall to wall. Corner showers typically come with adjustable mounting brackets so you can customize the height of your shower head, as well as provide more space inside the stall if needed.

Outdoor Showers

Smaller RVs without space for a wet or dry bath can have a showerhead on the exterior of the RV. This may come standard, depending on the type of RV purchased, but can also be added as an aftermarket part.

Thermoformed Pans for Showers for RVs

For wet and dry bath spaces, an important feature is the shower pan. Shower pans are the floor of the shower that channel the water down to the drain. A good shower pan that is properly sealed is extremely important when preventing water from seeping under the floor and causing unwanted damage.

ICON Direct’s outstanding, tech-forward products include thermoformed shower pans.

Thermoformed shower pans are made from durable plastic material that is heated then vacuum-formed into a custom shape before being cooled down and trimmed into their final form. This type of pan offers great durability while also providing excellent insulation against heat loss, making it ideal for cold-weather camping trips where water temperature may be an issue.

Visit Us Online When Upgrading or Repairing Showers for RVs

No matter which type of shower you choose, it's important that it meets your needs both functionally and aesthetically, so you can enjoy your RV experience without worrying about whether you have enough space.. ICON Direct has a wide range of quality RV products available online, including shower pans and shower accessories.